I just had to blog about what I just came across on trustedreviews:

“Like the TZ11MN before it, the TZ12VN looks absolutely beautiful – I’d go as far as saying that this is the best looking notebook on sale today. Surely even the most die hard Apple fan boys will have to admit that not only does the TZ12VN look better than a MacBook, but it also weighs less than half as much as Apple’s mobile fashion item. And once again let me make it clear that Sony has not copied the MacBook style of keyboard – in fact the MacBook copied Sony’s iconic VAIO X505, which preceded it by a couple of years. ”

“Mounted above the screen is a webcam called Motion Eye, and before anyone starts harping on about how Sony is copying the MacBook again, I should point out that Sony’s old TR series of ultra-portable notebooks sported integrated webcams long before the MacBook was a twinkle in Steve Jobs’ eye.”


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