Thanks to the help and advice from the guys over at NUI Group ( forums especially the wonderful information supplied by PeauProductions (, I have embarked on a project to build my own Rear DI Multi Touch table. I will be posting photographs and the progress of the building of the table.

This is the Playstation 3 EYE camera that will be modified to become IR capable. For people residing in Singapore, this is the packaging for the correct version of the camera to get. You can buy this at any Sony Style shop locally. Do note that some local game shops sell the European version of which I am unsure whether it is “friendly” towards modification.
PS3 Eye packaging in Singapore

The Camera removed from its shell
PS3 Eye dissection front of circuit board

The dismantled pieces:
Dissection of the PS3 Eye

The lens mount removed from the circuit board:
Lens mount front

I think I did a pretty lousy job in removing the IR blocking filter from the rear of the lens mount, look at those jaggy edges:
Lens mount

This is the IR blocking filter removed. It was damaged when it was removed.
IR Blocking filter

The visible light filter installed (cut out from floppy disk). This filter functions by blocking out visible light and letting infrared light through.
lens mount

And this is my work desk where all the mess is. The top right corner is a wide angle (180 degrees) IR illuminator that I am using for the Rear DI set up.
Messy Work desk

Next I will be making the box to sit the small piece of acrylic I got from a local art and craft shop (12″ x 18″ x 3mm(T)). It is available at Art friends for all you Singaporeans out there and costs around $8 only. Great for testing and fiddling around. I will be running tests soon using tbeta once I find time and I will post the tracking results.

On a side note: I am also intending to build a DSI table which uses a special acrylic called Endlighten. If you are living in Singapore/Malaysia and are interested in getting a piece of this very hard to get acrylic please contact me and let me know. I have managed to find a local manufacturer who has kindly indented and offered to laser cut the standard sheet (120″ x 80″ to 10 pieces of 39″ x 22″ x 10mm(T)) at $200 USD per piece. There are 4 pieces left for reserve as of this posting.

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