This June’s Flex Usergroup meeting was awesome ( We had Arul Kumaran who spoke to us about code generation in Flex Builder, I think that was really cool. Personally I had not tried code generation before and its refreshing to see that it can actually be done. Gonna try it once I find time.

In case you didn’t know, FUG is Singapore’s Flex user/interest group. The usergroup organises monthly meetups at the Adobe Pagemaker room in Singapore and we often have 2 awesome presentations by cool individuals/groups on everything Flash/Flex related. So if you are in Singapore, do come down to take a look or even make friends around here. :)

The other impressive presentation was Multi Touch! I thought it was plain awesome that the system could be built for just $10 SGD (thats about $7 USD) exclusive of the webcam cost. I must admit I am a fan of multi touch and have always thought about the possibilities of using the webcam to do it, but these people did it! :D Kudos and expect lots of cool things to come from the guys at NUI (

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