The presentation yesterday was wonderful, thanks to FUG for the invitation to speak on facebook applications. It was great to catch up with some of the guys in the UG especially Ryan whom I have not met for quite some time. Ryan runs and they have a pretty awesome community there in the forums.

My slides and a recording of the presentation are available on and the Memory Leak/GC demo is available at

I have made the source available on that page as well. Also took some time to file the online bug report to Adobe, hopefully they can resolve it asap, especially when we have first glimpses of flash player 10.

*Flash Player 10
The new flash player 10 is off the hook. Im very impressed with its new features like the support for hydra filters (custom filters) and 3D support coupled with hardware support for rendering graphics, so for guys who have that ever powerful Geforce 9800 in your system, it can finally work its engines on this new version of flash player.

Unfortunately, some quick tests reveals that the new flash player 10 suffers from the same memory leak that flash player 9 suffers from (that is demonstrated in the GC demo above, you can test it against FP10 as well). Hopefully the guys over at Adobe fix this ASAP in time for the release of the flash player 10.

I have not tested the connection bug where downloads persist after the unload of a loader object. Will do it when I have the time.

Lastly those cool demos on are crippled by the inability to download the sources :( Please fix this please!

You can get Flash player 10 at Adobe labs:

Exciting times lie ahead for the RIA scene.

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