Just got back from a hectic but great day at the Actionscript Conference down at the Singapore National Library. It was a great conference with wonderful speakers like Lee Brimelow, Peter Elst, Marco Casario, Michael Plank, Prayank Swaroop, Stefan Wessels, Eksandar Gvozden (Alex) and Mohammad Khan covering topics that spanned the new flash player 10 to star wars (flash lite). Special thanks to many of them for taking the time to fly into the country. Its an amazing experience to meet these guys close up in person and talking about actionscript and everything else under the sun =)

The response to the conference was great with full attendance and we are looking forward to garnering feedback from the audience and the organising team for post-event analysis. The materials for the conference will be posted on the TAC website’s post event webpage soon so if you attended the conference, you will be able to download the materials for reference/review/practise very soon.

It was also nice to meet some of the guys from the local media, design, development agencies/houses and hearing their thoughts of flash/flex and how they are actually adopting the technologies in their day-to-day work and projects. The conference was fertile ground for networking and I guess that everyone involved would have gained a friend, a contact or some knowledge, one way or another :)

If you dropped by the conference, do leave a comment behind to say “Hi!”. Cheers!

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